Floating Ball

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Abbotts Super Duper Balloon Flight of the Bubble Gum Instant Download - Further Tips On Zombie
Abbotts Super Duper BalloonFlight of the Bubble GumInstant Download - Further Tips On Zombie
A large, round balloon is inflated (the spectator can do this), and held between the hands of the magician. Slowly the hands are removed and the balloon floats in space!A clever routine and innovative gimmick make it easier than ever to add a Zombie Floating Ball and Snowstorm in China to your show. Flight of the Bubble Gum is perfect for school shows, birthday parties, and anywhere else you find fun-loving audiences.The Abbott Magic Company acquired the rights to “Tips on Zombie”. Neil Foster compiled the additional material and the book has been revised and greatly enlarged. If you are interested in performing the famous “Zombie” effect, you must have this book.




Lite Flight Lite Flite DVD Mini Zombie
Lite FlightLite Flite DVD Mini Zombie
Strong visual magic done in close up environment!Lite-Flite is truly one of the most amazing close-up levitations in the world.A Stage Illusion In Close-Up! By Vernet




The Floating Ball (DVD and Gimmick for Ball) The Thing Platinum Edition by Bill Abbott Wonder Ball 2.0 by Charlotte Pendragon
The Floating Ball (DVD and Gimmick for Ball)The Thing Platinum Edition by Bill AbbottWonder Ball 2.0 by Charlotte Pendragon
View Demo AN AMAZING ILLUSION FOR THE SOLO PERFORMER ONE MAN OPERATION NO MOTORS OR ELECTRONICS NEW 100% ORIGINAL MOVES EASY, SIMPLE AND QUICK SET-UP START CLEAN, FINISH CLEAN 9 PHASE ROUTINE "When I saw Luis' original routine and method I was...Its Back! This reputation-making one-man levitation that can be performed ANYWHERE! A decade and a half of research and development in front of real audiences, Bill is re-releasing the routine Genii magazine called, "The most practical, portable, self-contained, angle proof levitation effect ever."Every great magic show needs something that levitates or floats in the air. When it comes to effectiveness, the Wonderball rates highly. The simple and unique mechanics employed when performing the Wonderball allows the magician a variety of mind twisting moves and the possibilities are endless.




Zombie - Tim Wright Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic) Zombie Foulard w/ Pocket
Zombie - Tim WrightZombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic)Zombie Foulard w/ Pocket
This DVD also features archival footage of Joe Karson who invented the routine and of Neil Foster who was considered the master of the routine.Joe Karson saw a vision of a floating ball in a plumbing fixture and subsequently created one of the most popular magic tricks ever.Not only will you be able to do all the standard Zombie moves with this foulard, but because of its design it will enable you to easily hide the gimmick and vanish the Zombie Ball right before the eyes of the spectators.




Zombie Re-Animated Vol. 1 by Jeb Sherrill Zombie Re-Animated Vol. 2 by Jeb Sherrill Zombie Silk - Star Design
Zombie Re-Animated Vol. 1 by Jeb SherrillZombie Re-Animated Vol. 2 by Jeb SherrillZombie Silk - Star Design
This first volume DVD is designed to take a novice to an expert !This second volume DVD is designed to take an expert to the point of master.Double thick silk specifically realized for the Zombie ball. Stars design. Size: 26" x 26"




Abbotts Zombie Abbotts Zombie Case Abbotts Zombie Cloth
Abbotts ZombieAbbotts Zombie CaseAbbotts Zombie Cloth
Classic Floating Ball EffectAn awe-inspiring opening effect, created by Carlos Colombi,Made of a silk acetate material completely opaque.




Abbotts Zombie Flower Finale by Neil Foster Astrosphere Don Wayne Floating Ball
Abbotts Zombie Flower Finale by Neil FosterAstrosphereDon Wayne Floating Ball
For more than four decades, Neil Foster closed his famous Zombie routine by changing the floating silver sphere into two bouquets of flowers.This is one of the finest one man floating ball effectsPlease note that this is a stage effect, requiring one offstage assistant and the necessary offstage space.




The magician places a large silk on the ball. Suddenly, the ball is lit up and starts flying around - UFO or magician style. At the end, the ball goes back on the table and the lights turn off.


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