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  • Item #: Evolution
  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $234.00
Evolution will change your image of chop cups.

Evolution enables you to SHOW the cup empty. Then WITHOUT loading, production takes place.
Spectators actually SEE the cup empty. This makes the effect of the chop cup even stronger.

The gimmick is so clever, and functions almost automatically. You do not need to practice any new moves other than ordinal chop cup moves. Very easy to handle.

The product includes two dice made for this routine, but you can use balls for chop cups as well.

NOTE: The dots(pips) of your dice will be either all black or multi-colored (Choice of color not available).

Check out the incredible demonstration below and judge for yourself. When we at Abbotts saw the incredible working of this product we knew it was certain to be a revolutionary mechanical masterpiece.