Don Wayne Floating Ball

Don Wayne Floating Ball
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  • Item #: ABBdonwayne
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $185.00
Standing in the spotlight, you are seen holding a large silver ball. You step forward ...a hush comes over the audience ... music starts and you begin to perform. A wave of your hand and the obviously heavy ball becomes totally weightless, slowly rising from your outstretched hand. The ball comes to a complete stop, remaining motionless while suspended in mid air. On your command the ball gracefully travels across the stage and back again. Now it soars over your head, hovers, floats from hand to hand, through the circle of your arms and finally descends to your waiting hands as you take your bows to certain applause. This routine incorporates the charm, style and grace of what is frequently called the most beautiful effect in all of magic yet, allows you, the performer, to have much more freedom of movement as the ball floats in its various directions.

Please note that this is a stage effect, requiring one offstage assistant and the necessary offstage space. Comes complete with large (but lightweight) chromed plastic ball, rigging gimmicks and the complete Don Wayne system for the Floating Ball. A beautiful and highly recommended magical masterpiece!