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Comedy Die Tube - Germany Confusing Die
Comedy Die Tube - Germany Confusing Die
OH NO, the die is stuck in the board at an angle. Everyone see's the secret flap has not properly worked. Magician now performs serious magic and makes the die penetrate the board, and falling into the hat. Great Magic with Great Comedy!Here is a different take on a familiar effect, done with a die look instead of a domino look. Made of Styrene with Self-Aligning Neodymium Magnetic Spot. Check out the demonstration.



Cuba Libre Classic - Germany Cube Break by Astor
Cuba Libre Classic - GermanyCube Break by Astor
A sensational effect, perfect in function and with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.updated & examinable version of an Abbott classic. Cube is held in place by a magic wand which is pushed through the holes in the tube and cube, locking everything into place. The cube magically penetrates through the magic wand and falls into the palm of the Magician. Check out the Demo



Dice Bomb - PLUS Dice Production Frame (12 Die) by Sumit Chhajer
Dice Bomb - PLUSDice Production Frame (12 Die) by Sumit Chhajer
A black die inside a transparent tube. Shake the case and instantly, without any cover or suspicious move, the die explodes turning into 8 white tiny dice! OR Spectator chooses a die among 3 of different colors. The black die will change its color into the one of the chosen die - DEMO!Produce 3 crazy dice cubes one after another from an empty frame, without stopping produce another 3 dice ... The audience would be very crazy with the wow! reaction.. don't wait make them more crazy by producing 6 more crazy cubes and enjoy the applause. Check out Demo



Dice Thru Mirror Dicey Dimensions
Dice Thru MirrorDicey Dimensions
It very slowly sinks until it completely penetrates the mirror and drops to the floor.Performer shows a large square board (a flat die !), depicting a one spot on one side, and a six on the reverse. When he turns the board over, there is a two, and when he turns it over again, it's a five. A final repeat shows the three on one...



Die Box Deluxe DIE Box DVD
Die Box DeluxeDIE Box DVD
This is deluxe model of the classic Sucker Die Box, with all the usual sucker features plus allows you to show or flash the die in the box, handsomely crafted to give you a collector-quality prop. A great kid show item, where a die vanishes from...The newest release (10th) from the Greater Magic Video Library is also the first ever instructional material of this classic effect



Die Box, Green - Smoke Finish DIE TWICE Witch Box
Die Box, Green - Smoke FinishDIE TWICE Witch Box
This is deluxe model of the classic Sucker Die Box, with all the usual sucker features, handsomely crafted to give you a collector-quality prop. A great kid show item, where a die vanishes from a two compartment box and reappears some place else....Virtually every die box routine may be performed with this outfit. An Arturo creation.



Die Vision - Germany Evolution
Die Vision - GermanyEvolution
Rare Magic from Germany

Extreme High Quality VISUAL Penetration
Evolution is the most incredible creation since, well, since the Chop Cup. Imagine doing a chop cup routine with a die and being able to show the Chop Cup empty! Thats right, its a mechanical marvel that makes this possible. Check out the Demo!



Flying Rubiks Cube Magical Die - Europe
Flying Rubiks CubeMagical Die - Europe
A block like a Rubik Cube with a hole through two sides is displayed impaled on a metal wand inside a cabinet. The block is removed and covered by a square cover. With a snap of the fingers, the block is made to fly to the cabinet and is seen...Special Ends March 31st at Midnight The dots on a big die's sides change, then the whole die vanishes! The vanished die turns up in the magician's pocket. The magician shows the audience a big die between his fingers. The side facing the audience has 5 dots on it. The rear side has...



Mystic Wand Ornate Block
Mystic WandOrnate Block
The magician shows the audience a small black magic wand and a large cube. In the middle of the cube there is a hole just big enough so that the wand can be pushed through it. As the magician does so, the wand almost completely disappears into...An ornate block is displayed suspended by two strings running through a hole in the center. The block is placed inside a small cabinet and the door closed, trapping the block inside. One of the strings is tied around the cabinet as well, trapping...



Sucker Twin Die Box Tenyo Tower of Dice
Sucker Twin Die BoxTenyo Tower of Dice
The classic sucker Die Box, with several additional features. A “Die Box” comprised of two separate/detachable compartments on a flat tray. A die is picked up and placed in one compartment. It mysteriously travels to the other compartment and...They're Back, one of our best sellers this Christmas and at an affordable price. At the end of the performance, you can hand out the tube and the dice for thorough examination. Good demo!



Twin Dice Towers Abbotts Cube On Release - Sold Out
Twin Dice TowersAbbotts Cube On Release - Sold Out
The magician has the spectator examine two tubes and eight colorful, big dice (there are two of every color). The spectator puts the dice into a gift bag, and after shuffling them, they draw one die at a time from the bag - alternating with the...With an Additional Presentation by Neil Foster



Abbotts Deluxe Die Box Abbotts Shenanigan Die Box
Abbotts Deluxe Die BoxAbbotts Shenanigan Die Box
Abbott's Deluxe Die Box is a beauty with deluxe brass knobs and hinges and it combines the highest grade workmanship with several modern features which make this the best possible buy. The die may be shown in the box at anytime during the routine. Demonstrated by Greg Bordner!Couple demonstrations by Greg Bordner, Abbotts webmaster and the late Jack Bridwell show the versatility of this prop. Works great with "Stratospheres" as shown in the demo, but really this is limited by your imagination.



Abbotts Shenanigan Die Box Jumbo Abbotts Twin Di
Abbotts Shenanigan Die Box JumboAbbotts Twin Di
More than twice as big as the original, back in stock just in time for Christmas.Virtually every die box routine may be performed with this outfit. An Arturo creation. Demo by Abbotts webmaster shows that anyone can do this effect.Currently out of stock



ABC Blocks Block Through Glass Deluxe
ABC BlocksBlock Through Glass Deluxe
A block is removed from the dowel and placed in a top hat or other container for a few moments. The block is returned to the dowel with the other two and magically vanished, only to be found back in the top hat.A solid block passes through a solid piece of plexiglass.



Blockbuster Chinese Wonder Blocks
BlockbusterChinese Wonder Blocks
The incredible penetration miracle created by the late Terri Rogers is now available.Large enough for platform shows.



Collector's Clever Die Box Cubio Jumbo
Collector's Clever Die BoxCubio Jumbo
Each unit comes with an extra block that can be used to "reappear" the vanished block.The magician holds a string vertically by its ends, and makes a wooden cube slide down along the string. Then, as he says "stop", the cube magically stops during its fall and stays hanged challenging the gravity law!



Die to Ball Tray Ghost Die
Die to Ball TrayGhost Die
The die is placed onto the tray and quicker than a flash, the die transforms into a ball, which can be passed for examination.The die penetrates visibly through the plate to the bottom.



Gravity Box by Jay Leslie Incredible Block Penetration
Gravity Box by Jay LeslieIncredible Block Penetration
The spectator strains and sweats but is unable to budge the boxOn command the die visibly penetrates through the plate to the central compartment, then through the second plate, finally resting at the bottom of the tube.



Light & Heavy Chest See Through Block Vanish
Light & Heavy ChestSee Through Block Vanish
Furniture Quality Apparatus!A solid wooden block placed inside a double compartment box vanishes from the box and appears elsewhere.



Shrinking Die - Aluminum Sucker Die Box - Economy - Plastic
Shrinking Die - AluminumSucker Die Box - Economy - Plastic
Die shrinks to a quarter of its original sizeThis is an economy plastic model of the Classic Sucker Die Box



Sucker Sliding Die Box - Split Vampire Block
Sucker Sliding Die Box - SplitVampire Block
This is a Die Box comprised of two separate detachable compartments on a flat tray.The red block represents the vampire. The silver stakes impales the block in the tube. The block escapes leaving the silver stake visible. Check out the Demo!



Venerable Die Box DVD
Venerable Die Box DVD
The newest release (10th) from the Greater Magic Video Library is also the first ever instructional material of this classic effect


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