Comedy Die Tube - Germany

Comedy Die Tube - Germany
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  • Item #: P5756
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $149.95
High Quality Apparatus from Germany

Magician explains he can make a jumbo Die vanish from a Tube and make it appear inside a hat.

After this demonstration of silly magic, the magician he will do a "Much better trick than that"!

Magician says he'll make the jumbo Die pass through a SOLID board into a top hat.He puts the board on top of hat, on top of the board he puts the Jumbo die. The Jumbo die is covered with the square Tube.

The Tube is taken away, the die is stuck in the board at an angle. Everyone see's the secret flap has not properly worked for the die to penetrate through the board. Magician now performs serious magic and makes the die penetrate the board, and falling into the hat.

Great Magic with Great Comedy! Extremely High Quality!