Chapeau Act

Chapeau Act
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  • Manufacturer: George Schindler
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Chapeaugraphy is the art of transforming a ring of felt into shapes that resemble different hats accompanying each hat with appropriate facial expressions, music, props, etc. Our chapeaugraphy rings are a quality make - and they are made correctly! This is the routine that Percy Abbott performed for so many years successfully.

For today's audiences you might consider the idea of having a boy or girl (or both) up from the audience and modeling the hats on their heads. This gives this old art a new presentation. And, for laughs, have the boy model all the female hats and have the girl model all the male hats! The complete routine is detailed in a six page manuscript which has fifteen illustrations. It explains how you can quickly twist the ring of felt to form: a cowboy hat, a gendarme hat, a Napoleon hat, the jester, the artist, the padre, a Salvation Army lassie, the Turk, the Chinese, etc.