Abbotts Collapsible Staff Giant

Abbotts Collapsible Staff Giant
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  • Item #: ABBcolstaffgia
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $450.00
Flash magic at its best! The sudden and unexpected appearance of a rigid flagstaff and flag never fails to bring rounds of applause. Can be easily operated with only one hand. Made entirely of brass and constructed to stand hard usage. Staff and silk collapse and fold into a very small space. Can be set in almost any production type prop or worn as a body load.

Note: Neil Foster wanted to perform the flagstaff production but didnt care for the idea of the body load. Instead, he coats the larger, outer tube of the staff with black paint or black tape. Then he adds white paint or white tape to the end to form a tip - magic wand style. The staff is collapsed and the pleated flag is wrapped snugly around the untipped end. The flagstaff and silk is put into a magicians top hat with the white tip protruding. It appears to be just a magic hat holding a magic wand. When it is time for production, the hat and staff are gripped, one hand on each. The hat is swooped out of the way (it may be placed on the head, if desired) and with a snap of his other wrist the flagstaff is produced. The flag and staff extend full length with the silk billowing into view.

Note: Flagstaffs may be purchased either with or without the silk attached. The 3'x6' flagstaff silk or the 6'x6' flagstaff silk may also be purchased separately. Please specify when ordering. The regular flagstaff, when extended, is five feet long and is designed to display the three foot by six foot silk streamer (or a three foot by five foot silk flag, etc.) The giant flagstaff, when extended, is seven feet long and is designed to display a six foot by six foot silk streamer (Abbotts Mammoth Production Silk, etc.)