Abbotts Cabinet of Foo

Abbotts Cabinet of Foo
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  • Item #: ABBcabfoo
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $395.00

This deluxe outfit has a separate pedestal base and an oriental-type cabinet. The cabinet is approximately eight inches on a side. All four sides are opened and the two side panels are removed, showing the interior of the cabinet to be empty. While in this condition the cabinet may be turned and shown on all sides. The panels are replaced, the four side doors are closed and the production begins. This apparatus may be used as either a production or a vanish. The load capacity is twelve 36" silk squares and two spring rabbits and skunks and one spring duck. Live animals may be used as the load chamber is almost as big as the cabinet. This can be used close-up, on a platform or on stage and surrounded. The working action is automatic and this precision-made apparatus is exquisitely finished in bright lacquers.